What is Tableau Data Journal ?

Tableau Data Journal is our way to offer special templates to businesses in 3 model types.

Our main focus was based on Data Journal templates which are the most efficient way to tell a complex story through a narrative and an editorial synthesis and clear graphics. This type of visualization needs an esthetic and artistic vibe to it.

Tableau Data Journal also offers Application templates which are designed for business questions in need to filter the data. The sidebar at the left of the template is specially made for that purpose.

Finally, our final template model are Dashboards which are frequently used in companies. The dimension is like a fullscreen dashboard, which is efficient and convenient to display all the information and graphics needed in one sight.

Each Data Journal, Dashboard and Application have their own caracteristics, but all templates have a common structure.

In the downloadable file, you will find :

  • A step-by-step tutorial for a quick and easy integration into your workbook

  • A set of image files

  • A full template image to illustrate the final composition

  • A set of the template’s sections to customize your own dashboard size

  • A color palette in both PNG and TPS file

  • A TWBX file with an example illustrated with our sample database

  • A link to Tableau Public when the template is free

The integration into Tableau Software requires a knowledge of the notions on tiles and floating. The tutorial below will show you how to do a simple integration of the template with your dashboards.


Our Data Infographics Designers

From the concept idea to the finished template, our concern is to bring something unique and versatile for everyone.

Our Team is composed essentially of highly specialized and experienced experts in the field of Data comprehension and Business Process interpretation.

Our Designers have as well an artistic sense of design and Infographics and brought up well-thought and usefull templates for you to use on Tableau.

If you have any question, feel free to reach us on the Contact section. We will be glad to help !