Having a specific project or an enterprise graphical chart to stick to? No worries.

We can work together on a custom case to help you get the most out of it and leverage the investment you’ve already put into Tableau and your existing dashboards.


Have your own graphical chart ?

The available templates are amazing ! Indeed, but you don’t find the one that fits your case the most? Your color chart, your DNA, your brand are the main reasons.

Our Experts can work with you and create a unique template tailor made for your project !

Special template size ?

Our Data Journals, Applications and Dashboards have specific sizes to fit the most cases.

You actually want a special template to fit your need ? Drop us an email to go to the next level!



Different sections ?

You may need one, two, three, or more sections in your Dashboard ? Let’s discuss about it !


Feeling interested in creating your own custom template ?

Check out our Contact page so we can start working together on your next project.


To see some of our Data Visualization in action, feel free to go onto our Gallery page.